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Elea at the top of her tower in the Vanguard's camp.

Felwood: The tainted land of fel energies that proves dangerous to any that pass through its forest. Satyr, demons, diseased animals; what a terrible place. One place in Azeroth no soul wishes to venture to. This does not have to be. After looking at the infected trees and the green waters of Felwood, Elea Moonsong had an idea to do what none of her people had the heart to do. She was going to retake Felwood for the Kal'dorei, and restore the once peaceful land to its former state.

Dreams are not met by standing idle and praying. One must venture into the darkest corners of the world, face demons of nightmares, and see things that could turn the bravest warriors to stone. This is how dreams come true, and how wishes are fulfilled. Knowing that she could not undergo such a monstrous task herself, Elea has begun to recruit willing and brave hearts to battle against the rotten forces and beasts that reside within the growth of Felwood. Only those with courage and nobility are to join this cause, and they should do so with a knowledge that their nightmares are in the covert of the woods.

Healing Felwood. This is the Vanguard's only goal. Their only cause. Their only way of life. Nothing will stop them in their quest to heal Felwood. Even Elea herself has stated that this is her only cause for the time being. Felwood has been defiled too long, and it is time it is shown a chance to be pure. The fel will be driven out. The satyrs will be eradicated. The diseased animals will be killed. All of this will be done, and at all costs.