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Felwood as it is now.

Welcome to the Lunar Vanguard!Edit

<Based near the northern rim of Ashenvale, and led by Elea Moonsong, the Lunar Vanguard is currently aiming towards reclaiming Felwood from the dangerous monsters that inhabit its depths. Recruiting noble and brave souls to fight off satyrs and other horrors, they plan to restore Felwood to the same glory that is Ashenvale.>

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Our CauseEdit

We are a guild dedicated to restoring Felwood to it's former glory, hopefully making it as successful as Ashenvale. Tainted by the fel energies that the Kal'dorei despise, we plan to destroy all enemies in our path, especially the satyr, in order to retake our land. Led by Elea Moonsong, we shall not fail.