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Ashenvale woods.

Luscious, vibrant, and lively, Ashenvale has always been the home of the Kal'dorei. Forests of growth are seen everywhere in the woods, and animals roam freely and peacefully within their depths. Almost identical to Felwood before the fel tainted it, the woods are basically paradise. Large trees sprout from the green ground, and colorful bushes surround the area. Home to Astranaar, one of the most popular Night Elven cities on Azeroth, Ashenvale is loved and cared for by the Kal'dorei.

However, the Warsong Orcs have recently began to invade their serene forests to cut down their trees for lumber. As soon as news reached the Sentinels, they set off into the woods to repel the intruders. Lumber camps began popping up from nowhere, and trees were falling too fast. Most of the Sentinel army were sent to the eastern edge of Ashenvale to fight off the lumbering orcs, and they were successful. In a few years, the worst of the invaders had been eradicated, and the orcs had started to realize the costs of lumber in Ashenvale. Now, the Sentinels are constantly watching for orcs, and are having a much easier time.