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"I wished my Sister will battle with me against the remaining Demons once more at Felwood....." -Alannda aftermath of the Fall of the Lich King

Lieutenant Alannda Whisperbreeze was one of the Night Elven Veterans including her sister Myranda, the Warriors that participated during the previous wars, battles in the past including during the Wars of the Ancients. After the return of the Burning Legion, she has witness the Demonic Corruption within the forests of Felwood then she once more join the battle at Mount Hyjal along with her sister once more and after the battle, Alannda was assigned to stay with the High Priestess Tyrande while Myranda was assigned to join with the Humans of the Alliance. Alannda discovered in the years later that Myranda was killed by the Scourge and become a Death Knight she decided to join with the Argent Crusade inorder for her to see her and that will be the result of reunite of Sisters Whisperbreeze and together once again they will fight against their very own foes that they never faced before, after the Lich King's Fall though the reunion is short, they will have to let each other go and they will hopefully see each other again. Alannda at Cataclysm and present she participated with Elea Moonsong and the Lunar Vanguard to battle against the Demons and to cure the Corrupted Forest at Felwood.

Name: Alannda Whisperbreeze
Nickname(s): Warrior of the Night, Tall-Night Elf/Kal'dorei, Maiden of the Sentinels
Title(s): Sentinel-Sergeant, Sentinel-Lieutenant
Gender: Female
Race: Night Elf
Affilation: Kal'dorei Resistance, Night Elf Sentinels, Alliance, Argent Crusade, Ashen Verdict, Lunar Vanguard
Occupation: Sentinel-Sergeant (Previously), Sentinel-Lieutenant, Warrior of the Sentinel Army
Status: Alive
Relative(s): Myranda Whisperbreeze (twin (?) sister)
Companion(s): Saeranna (Frostsaber)